EFT Matrix Re imprinting and Tapping

Improving Life for a Crohn’s Disease Sufferer

Finding Relief: How Enzymes, Supplements, and Diet Changes Improved Life for a Crohn's Disease Sufferer Living with Crohn's Disease can be a challenging and painful journey. This chronic inflammatory bowel disease can lead to

New Events For 2022

New Weekly Online Tapping Group Starts Wednesday 5th January 2022 12pm - 1pm Book in for your first free trial session. Cost is then either £25 for 4 weeks or £10 per session. All sessions

8 Weeks Membership EFT Tapping Group

Join my  8 Week Group Tapping sessions on Zoom and my Private Tapping Facebook Group. I will hold fortnightly Group Tapping Sessions on Zoom . The sessions will help you manage your stress, clear

Tropic Skincare Summer Essentials

I thought I would share with you my top Tropic Skincare picks for this holiday season. I am so in love with all their products and want to share them with you all. For

Daily Brain Exercises

I add these powerful techniques to my morning routine to help keep my brain balanced. This is great for both adults and children of all ages and I often recommend my Clients do the

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