Stomach issues for over 10 years significantly improve after 2 months. 

Client suffered with chronic mouth ulcers 

Karen ran a highly professional course. Well structured and delivered. A great way to start kinesiology and to help people.

AB from Redcar

I did really enjoy the course and feel I not only learnt a lot that I can use with my patients, but also that I learnt a lot about myself.  Learning about Bach’s remedies has literally been life changing! I thought the course was really well structured (although I preferred to focus on the testing of various muscles rather than the many techniques). Karen is very patient and explains things really well.  She ensured that we were clear on all aspects of the course before moving on.

Clare Acupuncturist Reading

Karen is an excellent teacher and I have thoroughly enjoyed the Kinesiology Foundation Course and can recommend her a tutor and as a practitioner wholeheartedly.

Liz, Reflexologist Corsham

I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and found it to have lots of practical applications.  The teaching atmosphere and lunches were great! I also appreciated that because the numbers were limited we all got individual attention. You are a good teacher and you inspired us all.  You managed to still all fears and doubts and gave us lots of encouragement.  The course covers such a wide range of subjects and we have learnt so much. Thank you again.

Susi Massage Therapist Chippenham

Constantly tired bloated and aching with stomach cramps – I went to see Karen as I was constantly tired bloated and aching. I felt it might be a food intollereance as I already knew that I was intollerent to milk and eggs just by how quickly I felt unwell after consuming them and a process of ellimination. The doctor wouldn’t do any food tests. Karen identified a candida overgrowth in my gut as well as several food intollerances including soya that I had been drinking as a milk substitute. After just a few days I felt so much better, had more energy and didn’t ache any more.

Angela Jones

I took my son to see Karen, he has suffered with eczema since birth and we have eliminated so many things we really didn’t know what was the trigger when he had a big flare up. Karen identified he had a clear lactose intolerance and needed to stick with goats milk products. Karen was also able to release some locked in emotional issues that he was struggling with that interfered with his confidence, particularly at school. He is making great progress and I can’t recommend Karen and this therapy enough.

CM - Mother from Corsham

Digestive problems – I went to see Karen suffering with digestive problems. I was skeptical as I didn’t know anything about kinesiology but was pleasantly surprised with an immediate improvement. I no longer need to take any antacid medication, which I was taking on a daily basis, it has also helped with weight loss. I would highly recommend Karen’s treatment.

Paul M

Fantastic – I would recommend kinesiology to everyone. Karen is a good teacher and very down to earth. There are lots of simple techniques that anyone can learn for preventative and balanced health, rather than a cure.

PT – Student from Chippenham

Karen is a wonderful kinesiologist and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone wanting help with their health issues

Lucy Goodwin

Karen has provided me with complete healing of my life-long exzema! Karen found the root cause of this dis-ease and tested my body to identify the correct medicine, mastic gum. I am now totally aware of my red-alert signals in my body that tell me when I am in danger of getting exzema outbreaks and I am then able to take action to prevent a manifestation. This action is usually to re-uptake mastic gum and to radically reduce the sugar in my diet. Karen finds out the root problem at each session I attend and I then choose a Bach Flower Remedy which will help to release the dys-function I am experiencing and provide an alternative response. I have seen immediate responses within myself, especially emotional, when I take the Bach Flower Remedy daily after a session. The GREATEST and most MAGNIFICENT thing that Karen has done for me is a ‘Higher Vehicle’ balance.  Read the full testimonial on the total wellness club reviews

Simone Walker-Campbell

Karen has been brilliant, letting us know what food we should be avoiding and my stress levels have been significantly improved through Karen’s treatment!

Jorgina Williams

EFT Tapping Review

Danielle – student suffered with acne

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all your time, wisdom and support you have given me over the past almost 10 years of my life and my sons entire life! You have supported us through our day to day life stresses and strains from coughs and colds, rashes, aches and pains to our more serious digestive issues and toxic build ups. You have helped us identify specific digestive bugs, food intolerances and even H.Pylori. You were there to support me when it seemed the N.H.S had no answers. You are now my family’s first go to for our health issues with the exception of emergencies. Me and my family are now more aware, educated and confident with making our own health and lifestyle choices thanks to your ongoing support and advice and through completing your highly informative course from which my circle of friends and family benefit also. I recall the first few times I had treatments from you I was baffled and a little suspicious of Kinesiology however after experiencing the benefits and making the changes I needed to in order to feel well again, I now have every confidence and highly recommend you to friends and family.

Much love Karen

Jay and Ebn

JI Swindon Mother

My family’s first go to for all our health issues – After almost 10 years of treatments with Karen she is now my family’s first go to for all our health issues. Not only has Karen been supportive and informative but that has in turn helped us be more aware and informed with our everyday lifestyle choices. Karen has supported us through stress, emotional issues, coughs, colds, rashes, digestive issues even H.Pylori which went undiagnosed through N.H.S. I can’t thank Karen enough for her expertise and dedication to her work and this transpires through her course delivery which was highly informative and benefits my friends and family alike. I highly and regularly recommend Karen. Thank you again Karen!

Jay Illes

I have found both Karen and kinesiology to be very beneficial in my life and I recommend it to everyone! It’s helped me with both mental & physical issues and I will be continuing to have it for the foreseeable future. Thank you Karen

Vicky James