Ask The Expert

Karen answers your frequently asked questions about Kinesiology.

You should feel some benefit from your initial session, however depending on how long you have had the problem and whether the cause has been fully identified and removed will depend on the number of sessions required. Usually 4/5 sessions will get you to a much better place and then it is good to have monthly or quarterly sessions as a preventative measure to keep you in balance. 

Initially the supplements will be taken generally for one month and then you will be reassessed. If you are permanently on medication often you will need to keep taking a vitamin or digestive aid to help counteract any negative affects the medication may be having on your body’s digestion. Often as our foods are not as nutrient rich as in the past it is a good idea to supplement, Kinesiology can test exactly which supplements your body needs to keep in balance. I always take core supplements daily to keep my body in optimum health. 

No machines are used. The muscle test is just manually putting light pressure on your limbs which you resist and the results are then analysed to come up with a treatment plan. The muscle test is the language used to communicate with your body’s energy.