Award Winner – Best Holistic Health Practitioner

A great day recieving my award at the Solent Hotel in Whitley Hampshire, where I met with other award winners to receive our awards.

What an honour it is to be the Winner of “Holistic Practitioner of The Year” in the Best of The Best Awards 2023/24.

Since starting my business in Swindon, Wiltshire in 2008, this is the first award I have entered let alone won.

Winning this award has made me realise how far I have progressed since beginning my business, and that my hard work, dedication, and the difference I have made to so many peoples lives over the years, has been recognised by this award. This award signifies a milestone in my business journey and is a great celebration of my work.

The Call

How it began was a call inviting me to enter the award process. I was hesitant should I enter? I sought the help of my business coach who said wholeheartedly I should enter. I proceeded and completed my entry, never thinking I was going to be a winner. It was a lengthy process but I did it.

My entry was complete and presented to the judging panel, along with all the other entries. After a few weeks I received another call to tell me I was short listed and a few weeks later I received a call to say I had won the award and would be invited to accept the award at an awards ceremony in a few months.

I could not believe I had won. The judges had read my entry, where I detailed how my business began and how it has developed over the last 15 years, they looked at my website, Google Reviews, Social Media etc. and decided my business was worthy of this incredible recognition!

Being presented the Award for Winner of Best Holistic Health Practitioner

Here I am holding my award for being the winner of Best Holistic Health Practitioner

What does winning an award mean to me?

Winning this award wasn’t about the trophy or the presentation, it was about all the work I had done over the last 15 years to create my business and continuing to grow it year by year despite several challenges. The hours I spent planning, studying, overcoming challenges, helping more and more clients with their health and also teaching others so they too can make a difference to others lives. It’s about the supporters, the teachers and mentors who guided me, who cheered me on, and the lessons I have learnt along the way. Also its about the Clients who put their trust in me, recommending me to their friends and family, as without them I would not have a business.


I am so grateful to have won, but this is an award for us all. I am truly grateful to all those who have supported me through my business journey and who believed in me. My family, friends, teachers, coaches, clients, students, and every person who has played a part in helping me to make my business a success. Thank you, this award is for all, of you too.

Holding my Award for Winner of Best Holistic Health Practitioner

Award Presentation Day

I received my invite to the Awards Prestation Day which was being held at the Solent Hotel in Whitley Hampshire on 28th March 2024. My invitation was for myself and 3 guests.

As this was Good Friday who would want to give up their Bank Holiday and join me? I knew my husband would but who else? My daughters are not local and we were meeting them both in London the following day so it would not really work for them to join me. I talked to my sister she was going to be away on holiday. I asked 2 friends both of whom had been case studies for me when I first began learning Kinesiology and have both supported me in my journey and whom I had been friends with for years way before starting my business. They were pleased to have been invited and had the day free to join us.

We arrived in plenty of time and were greeted on arrival and escorted to where the presentations were taking place. The presentation took place, I was interviewed about my business, had some photos taken and spoke to other winners and the judges. It was a lovely experience and great to be recognised for the work I have been doing helping clients to improve their lives.

On the way home we stopped off and enjoyed a celebratory Good Friday fish and chips meal in a lovely country pub.

Best Award winner - Holistic Health Practitioner 23-24Inspiration

Winning this Award has brought Kinesiology, EFT Tapping and Body Ballancer Lymphatic massage to the attention of many who may not of heard of them and I am hoping this will encourage more people to seek out holistic therapies to help to improve their lives.

Also for those just starting out as an holistic practitioner I hope this will inspire them to keep going if I can persevere and win an award anyone can as long as you focus, take action and keep going anything is possible.

Winning this award is a result of the power of passion, perseverance, and purpose I have dedicated to my business since day one . It’s a reminder that dreams can become reality with hard work and determination. So, here’s to celebrating success, embracing gratitude, and inspiring others along the way. Thank you.