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Are you looking for answers to improve your own or others health? Are you seeking a new challenge to enhance your career?  Are You a Therapist looking to add some new skills?

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 Wednesday 5th February

7pm to 8.30pm

The Deanery  CE Academy

Peglars Way

Swindon SN1 7DA


Saturday 7th February 

2pm to 4pm

The Lotus Retreat

2 London Street

Faringdon SN7 7AA

Cost £25.00

Payable on booking

(Free to Existing Clients)

Book an initial session or enrol in the Foundation Course at the event to automatically receive this cost back!

  • Learn some self- help stress release techniques.
  • Sample food testing.
  • Learn a simple muscle test which is the key to investigating what your body needs to achieve optimum health and how it is used by a Kinesiologist.
  • All attendees will receive a flower remedy tailored to them.
  • Sample kinesiology before committing to a full session or training course.

o book call Karen Thrush Cert TASK and Tutor
07762054818 | karen@karensinfinitehealth.co.uk

Contact me to find out more

Beginners Systematic Kinesiology Foundation Course

Attending the course will help you in many ways and will also enable you to help your friends and family too.      

  • Learn techniques to be free from aches & pains.
  • Learn how to muscle test & understand the results.
  • Learn to identify imbalances & how to fix them.
  • Learn which supplements your body needs.
  • Learn which foods are right for you.
  • Learn simple stress relief techniques.
  • Become the hero of your own health.
  • Learn techniques to improve concentration & learning for you and your family.
  • Learn how to improve your energy levels.

Next course starts March 2020 in Faringdon near Swindon.

Please see course page for dates.

  For further information and to book call Karen Thrush TASK Tutor
07762054818 | karen@karensinfinitehealth.co.uk |

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Tel: 07762054818

Contact me to find out more
“If you have health, you probably will be happy, and if you have health and happiness, you have all the wealth you need, even if it is not all you want. “
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