How can I help you to achieve a healthy lifestyle with ease?

I have been taking a breather and evaluating how to help my Clients to achieve a simple more healthy lifestyle even more than I already do.

With lockdown I have had to take the decision to switch to remote sessions for Clients which have been working remarkable well. If you have a booking I will contact you a week before to arrange your remote session. This currently involves me testing and balancing you using the energy of your hair on a surrogate. From this I will know which supplements to recommend  to improve your health and will then connect with you for a short Zoom call to go through my findings and offer emotional help using tapping and Bach Flower Remedies. I will then send you an email of all the recommendations. So far Clients have had really great health changes from these remote sessions.

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The Power of Tapping

Since learning Tapping some years ago I have been adding this to my sessions when there are emotions that need clearing and more and more I am seeing the shifts the tapping is making with clients health along with the nutritional supplements and eating the right foods too. The both go hand in hand,  the nutrition  helps support both body and the mind to address the stress and the tapping helps to release all the old beliefs which are often the root causes of our current stresses and health problems.

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What helps me to maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

I have a regime for my own health which consists of monthly 2 hour tapping sessions with my Practitioner, monthly kinesiology sessions with my kinesiologist plus regular coaching sessions.  On top of this I eat a healthy diet and take nutritional supplements daily. I invest in my well being and reap the rewards of having a healthy lifestyle. It is an on going project to be the best version of myself. Added to this I do Self Reiki regularly to keep my energies cleared. My new addition in the last 6 months in also weekly breath work which I am loving. I have days when I am not eating as clean as I should and days when  my mind gets in my way but all of the above tools help to keep me in a good place.

How many women out there need this type of support and help?

I have come up with a plan to help blend many of the things that help me into a monthly plan that is easy to fit into anyones busy life schedule to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

I am looking for 5 women to trial out this new plan for a healthy lifestyle.

Are you?

  • Willing to invest in this plan at the reduced price of £150 (a saving of £90 if sessions were booked individually)
  • Willing to invest in the recommended supplements approx. £80- £100 max.
  • Suffering with health issues you have been unable to resolve.
  • Willing to dedicate time for a 1 hour Zoom call during the month and 1 15 minute Zoom call per week.
  • Willing to make changes and be committed to the changes to achieve a healthy lifestyle.
  • Dedicated to carrying out all recommendations.
  • Willing to honour yourself.
  • Willing to give a testimonial at the end of the plan.
  • Tired all the time and lacking energy.
  • Suffering with digestive upset.
  • Struggling to maintain your ideal weight.
  • Feeling bloated.
  • Not feeling good about yourself.
  • Stressed and have no time to do anything.
  • Struggling to stay focused.
  • Wanting to get your life back on track.
  • Wanting to enjoy life again.
  • Fed up with sleepless nights.

If you answer yes to any of the above,  this is a plan that will help to transform your life and help create a new lifestyle for you which is sustainable.

  • Learn how to effortlessly eat clean and not feel deprived.
  • Gain more energy.
  • Live a life full of joy and happiness.
  • Have a clearer mind to focus on your work.
  • Maintain your ideal weight.
  • Start to love yourself again.
  • Let go of the past and be excited for your future.
  • Sleep well every night.
  • Easily achieve a healthy lifestyle.

The Plan

For one month you will have:

  • One remote kinesiology session where I will use your hair sample on a surrogate to test out supplements and foods and also rebalance your energies.
  • One one hour Zoom call to go through my findings and recommendations followed up by an email with any necessary recipes and food advice. Plus Bach Flower Remedy recommendation and Tapping to focus on releasing stress.
  • Weekly 15 minute Zoom calls to offer advice and tapping as needed to keep you focused on making the necessary lifestyle changes.

Up until now I have just been adding Tapping into kinesiology sessions as and when I can, time permitting, however dedicating an hour to this away from the kinesiology session each month I think will be invaluable to clients and also having a weekly check in to tap on things as they come up will be invaluable to keeping you on the right track.

This plan incorporates everything I believe in and will not take up anymore of a clients time than travelling here and having an hours session but will be so much more valuable and create better results.

At this stage I am looking for just 5 women to trail this plan at the reduced price of £150.

Going forward once the trial is complete this will be an option for Clients who are seeking to achieve a healthy lifestyle with ease, to buy the plan for £199 (saving £60 if sessions were booked indiviually).

Act now if you are interested in working towards a healthy lifestyle, by replying to this email to book one of the 5 slots at £150.

I am looking forward to being part of your journey to a healthy lifestyle.