What does this mean?

When I cannot see clients face to face remote kinesiology sessions using hair samples supplied by the client to test with, is a great option to have. This is also a useful option for children or when the client is too weak to be tested.

The client sends me 6 strands of their hair pulled from the scalp with the root on, in a sealed plastic bag. This then enables me to use the energy of their hair to test the client remotely using a surrogate.

The hair can be used as a ‘witness’ to the clients energy. This means the client need not be present for testing. It is like using a magnet to pick up pins. The first pin sticks to the magnet and then other pins stick the first pin. It does not mean that the pins have become magnetic, just that there is a temporary magnetism. The client is ‘the magnet’ and whoever has the sample of hair on them for the testing is the ‘temporarily magnetised pin’ linking to the clients energy.

By using a surrogate, I place the hair in their energy circuit, and am then able to test clients as if they were with me. I can identify imbalances, work out their nutritional needs and also test foods and chemicals as needed.

What is involved in the remote kinesiology session using hair samples?

I begin the session by connecting with the client on Zoom to complete a 20-30 minute consultation.

I then proceed with the testing on a surrogate using the client’s hair sample. The client is offline whilst I complete everything on the surrogate.

I then advise the client of the findings and complete any necessary emotional work on Zoom with the client, without the surrogate present.

This is a really effective way of working remotely. My clients are benefiting from the power of kinesiology online and I have been achieving great results using this technique of testing. Even though I am unable to meet clients face to face I am still able to help them resolve their health issues.  Balance their energies, ensure they are taking the right supplements/flower remedies, and heal their emotional stresses.

The whole session takes 2 hours and costs £135.

Below is a short video which demos a remote kinesiology session using hair samples:



I achieved my final Kinesiology qualification to become a Kinesiology Practitioner 10 years ago this summer! How time has flown… I could never have guessed 10 years ago that we would all be in lockdown this year! Life continues to surprise us all.

To celebrate 10 years as a Practitioner I am offering 10 slots of remote hair testing in July for the reduced price of £50, on a first come first served basis. There is nothing to lose, book your slot today!

It’s now more important than ever to boost your immune system, to fight off potential bugs which you have not been in contact with due to lockdown.

For further information or to book your slot please call me on 07762054818.

This offer will end on the 31st July 2020.