Daily Brain Exercises

I add these powerful techniques to my morning routine to help keep my brain balanced. This is great for both adults and children of all ages and I often recommend my Clients do the same, since so often, stress, foods and negative energies can all have a negative impact on our brains.

These exercises especially help children and people who often find learning a challenge or are nervous about exams, as well as older people who have difficulty with concentration or coordination. These exercises really help in so many ways.

I hope you will enjoy adding them to your family’s daily routine so everyone can enjoy learning and reach their full potential. It is lovely to see how much of a difference these exercises make to Clients lives increasing confidence, their exam results and so much more..

  1. Start your day by switching on your brain, stimulating your left-right brain, top- bottom brain and front- back brain integrations for sharper thinking. This is done by firmly massaging, points simultaneously along with navel, one hand on navel other hand on other points.  There are 3 sets to massage for a couple of minutes each.
    1. Rub K27s ( End of the Kindney Meridian – Junction of 1strib and breast bone each side in dip) and Navel (Belly button).
    2. Rub Top Lip and Bottom Lip and Navel (Belly button).
    3. Rub end of spine at Coccyx (Tail bone) and Navel (Belly button).
  2. Cross Crawl is a marching exercise to wake up your limbs and pumps the Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) to the brain up the spine increasing the communication from the nerves to and from the brain as well as increasing lymph flow resulting in increased brain power, coordination, memory and lots more. These exercises are especially beneficial to babies who do not crawl as sometimes these babies fail to develop the crossover change that takes place in the brain where opposite limbs move together. These exercises are great to help make the crossover if not made or to enhance the crossover for all of us.  I recommend these 3 exercises. For young children or babies who find this difficult to do an adult can move the limbs for them:
    1. March Cross Crawl – marching on the spot tapping opposite knee with opposite hand alternating each side with eyes looking up left x 10 times.
    2. March same sided – marching on the spot tapping same side hand to same side knee alternating from side to side with eyes looking down right x 10 times.
    3. March Cross Crawl – marching on the spot tapping opposite knee with opposite hand alternating each side with eyes looking up left x 10 times.
  3. Unfurling ears to switch on your brain aerials. Our ears are not just for listening they also work as antennas to the brain. Often we sleep led on one ear so our aerials can get crumpled. Each morning you can switch your antenna on by unfurling the ears by just gently stretching the edge of the ear from top to bottom outwards and away from the body on each ear. This exercise will result in improved hearing, help you to remember more of what you hear with greater comprehension.
  4. Draw imaginary 8’s on their side (infinity sign) in the air with your thumb going up through the middle or you can draw them on paper several times. This helps to improve writing and will help you to think more clearly as it will improve the left right brain integration.
  5. Set you intention for the day with a positive affirmation by repeating the statement out loud 20 times whilst rubbing the lymphatic points for the Supraspinatus muscle which is linked to the brain meridian. By repeating the same affirmation for 30 days your brain with take on the affirmation and it will be more likely to happen. The points to rub are on the front inside the shoulder joints both sides under the collar bone and curve around the joint towards the underarm shaped like a banana.
    The affirmation should be said in the now and start with “I …” or “I am” e.g. “I can easily succeed in my exams now”
  6. Drink water to start your day to fuel the brain and throughout the day.
  7. Enjoy every moment of your day to the full.

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