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Why attend a Kinesiology Taster Event?

Learn Kinesiology and understand more about it and what happens during a session.

Witness the power of the techniques used first hand and become inspired to learn something positive to add to your life.

Find out how you can improve your health and help your children when they become unwell.

Learn a food sensitivity test you can try out on your family at home.

Witness how our mind can influence our physical body and how this can be helped.

Why Signup to Learn Kinesiology?

  • Meet with positive people once a month.
  • Learn amazing techniques to help you feel better and improve your life.
  • Learn skills to help you resolve health issues for your family and friends.
  • Being training to start a new career path in the healthcare industry.

Why I signed up for Kinesiology training back in 2008?

We were at our wits end with what to do with my daughter’s health after seeing various hospital consultants and getting no improvement.

Eventually kinesiology was recommended to us through word of mouth as we were getting no answers from the conventional health route. Several of the medicines she was prescribed were causing her issues to the extent that she began to pass out. Using muscle testing our therapist was able to easily identify which medicine was the cause and also could test what would help her.  This blew me away as we had spent so much time and money with private consultants who were unable to give us answers. The therapist advised that my daughter would be very sensitive to medication and we needed to be careful what she was given. This triggered my need to be able to learn how to do the muscle tests to know which medicines and foods would be right for her. I did my research and came across TASK and signed up for the foundation course and have not looked back since.

It is lovely to be able to test foods and nutrition on my family to see what will help them with their health issues, as they occur. It takes away the guess work and I know they are taking the right supplements to help. There are several techniques used to get their health back on track besides supplements, I help them on all levels to promote their healing. Keeping my family in balanced health was the main reason why I sought out kinesiology.

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