Help for hay fever sufferers

Itchy eyes, runny nose, unable to sleep reaching for tissues constantly, wearing dark glasses and not enjoying going outside?

So many people suffer with hay fever each year more than 10 million in the UK.

There are answers for all hay fever sufferers

Hay fever is often caused by a low immune system, a strong immune system will help you not be sensitive to the pollen.

4 Factors which could be lowering your immune system

Chemical – Foods you are eating and nutrients you are lacking. Also there maybe a bacteria or virus present.

Mental –Stress and anxiety.

Physical – Lack of exercise or a physical problem.

Energetic– Sensitive to WIFI, mobile phones, PC’s, Lap Tops etc.

More than half of the immune system is in the gut. Eating healthy foods which are right for you will help to keep your immune system balanced. The main foods to consider are:

  • Wheat and gluten
  • Cows Milk
  • Sugar
  • White Salt

Supplements to help hay fever

Boost your immune system with large doses of vitamin C.

Another supplement which is great to boost your immune system is Juice Plus. If you have children they offer the supplement free for your child if you buy them for yourself.

If you need an antihistamine, I recommend a natural one called Hi Potency Grapine. Click on the link to find out more and to order:

The best way to know exactly which supplement you need would be to book in for a kinesiology session with me. During the session I will rebalance your immune system, finding out exactly what will help you to be free from hay fever.

To book click on this link.


The immune system can also be compromised by stress, which can then make you more susceptible to suffer with hay fever. There are many ways to help you with stress Bach Flower remedies and tapping, I can help you with online.

My online weekly group tapping sessions help clients to keep on top of their stress each week. if you wish to find out more please get in touch.

Often I ask hay fever sufferers to put a pot of water outside to collect the pollen in and bring it along.This enables me to then test the pollen on them and help them to become desensitised to the pollen.

A healthy lymphatic system will also help to improve hay fever problems as a healthy lymphatic system with result is a healthy immune system.

Top Tips for a healthy Lymphatic System

  1. Get Active- the more you move the more your lymph circulates.
  2. Jump to it – jump on a trampoline or rebounder for a few minutes each day or skip.
  3. Stand tall -Stretching promotes muscle movement, neck rolls and shoulder shrugs boost lymph flow.
  4. Chill Out – Stress is one of the major causes of poor lymphatic health. Practice tapping, yoga, meditation, Pilates, mindfulness to combat stress and anxiety.
  5. Take a deep breath – Breathing helps move our lymphatic fluid and the elimination of toxins and waste.
  6. Dry Skin Brush – Do first thing in the morning before showering begin with soles of feet and brush upwards up your legs and towards the heart all the way up your body.
  7. Eat Well- Avoid processed foods, sugar, wheat and cows milk. Eat fresh fruit and vegetables.
  8. Stay Hydrated – drink at least 2 litres of water a day. Our body is more than 70% water and are often dehydrated.

Body Ballancer for improved immune health

Regular Body Ballancer sessions are also a great way to improve your lymphatic flow link to find out more.

I hope this tips help you to manage your hay fever but if you do want more help please get in touch.

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