Anxiety & Stress Relief


Online quick colour card selection help to relieve stress and anxiety using Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies for emotions to help deal with and clear emotional/negative mental states. The remedies dissolve feelings such as sadness, not validated, grief, fear, anger and other negative feelings.

The remedies are great for children too, who enjoy this colour card game.


You will have a Zoom call with me where you are asked to close your eyes focusing on the problem or feelings or pain you have for a few minutes. You then open your eyes and pick the colour cards I show you quickly in the order of the colours you are drawn to first one colour at a time until all eight are picked in order of preference.

From the order the cards are chosen I then establish the correct mix of Bach Flower Remedies to help you. I then email you a summary of the meaning of each remedy selected and mix up a dropper bottle of the mix of the 4/5 remedies and post them to you.

You then put 4 drops under your tongue 4 times a day or on your forehead or area of pain. This will help to reduce your stress and anxiety.

Suitable for Adults and Children.

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