1 Day Kinesiology Workshop


A workshop introducing you to kinesiology. You will experience kinesiology as well as watching demonstrations. You will be taught self-help tools to take away to use in your daily lives.


Are you wanting to feel well, healthy and balanced? Have you heard of kinesiology, but not sure what it is?
Join me for a one day workshop and learn how to give your body the right tools to thrive.

  • Experience kinesiology
  • Find out how kinesiology works to help improve your health
  • Know which vitamins and minerals your body needs to be healthy
  • Learn self-help tools to use at home with your family
  • Join in and learn relaxation tools to help you when you feel stressed

    What will the day involve?

    The day will be workshop based and will involve a mixture of demonstration and hands on learning. You will be taught self-help tools to take away to use in your daily lives.

    Why attend?I have more than 12 years’ experience as a Health Practitioner helping many clients with a variety of health problems and a kinesiology tutor teaching on behalf of The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology which is the oldest kinesiology training school in the UK.

    Not sure if a kinesiology session is for you? Interested in learning kinesiology but not sure what it involves?

  • Join me at my workshop to find out!

Book an initial session or enrol on my next Foundation Course at the event to automatically receive £20 off a one to one session OR £75 discount off the full course fee.

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