Headache & Migraine Support


Online Sessions to help troubleshoot your headache and migraine problems.

The causes of headaches are different for each client and can be a combination of several things. pain is over every and kinesiology will rebalance the body energies to clear the pain and over energy and identify the cause and find solutions to help you to become pain free.

You send me a sample of you hair and complete a Client Details form.
I will have an online consultation with you on Zoom. Use you hair sample to do the remote testing and then send you an email with all the recommendations to help you to become pain free.



Migraines and Headaches can be overcome by finding the root cause. Often it can be a combination of foods, stress and hormonal imbalances. Identifying the right tools for you to become headache free.

Using your hair sample I will assess what is going on and then email recommendations to you.

Advising you of which nutritional supplements will help and if there are any foods which could be contributing to the problem.

If there is stress contributing to your problems I then send you recommendations of other online sessions you can book to help you to overcome the stress.

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