Digestion IBS Gut Health Support


Online Sessions to help troubleshoot your gut health problems.

Whether the cause is stress, foods, lack of vitamins, probiotics, a virus or a bacteria imbalance – a remote session will be able to identify the cause and find solutions to get your digestion back working properly.

I have successfully helped many clients with digestive issues ranging from IBS, IBD, constipation, diarrhoea, bloating, stomach pains, acid reflux, weight gain/loss, food sensitivities and more.

You send me a sample of you hair and complete a Client Details form.
I have an online consultation with you on Zoom and then I use your hair to rebalance your digestions and what is needed to keep it all in balance. I will then email you my recommendations so that your digestive problems become a thing of the past.



Digestion, IBS and Gut Problems are caused by imbalances in the gut cause by foods, antibiotics, stress, bacterias, viruses or parasites etc.. There are so many causes. Finding the cause and the solution to get your gut back in balance can help you to overcome your problems.

Using your hair sample I will assess what is going on and then email recommendations to you. Advising you of which nutritional supplements will help and if there are any foods which could be contributing to the problem.

If there is stress contributing to your problems I then send you recommendations of other online sessions you can book to help you to overcome the stress.

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