Immune Problems Support


Online Sessions to help troubleshoot your immune health problems.

Immune health problems are becoming more and more common and kinesiology has many ways to help. People with autoimmune problems often lack the energy to come to a session  and be tested. These remote sessions take this problem as way as all you need to do is send me your hair and go on a Zoom call. All the testing is then done remotely using your hair and then the recommendations are sent to you on email with all the links to buy any supplements etc. so you can get help without leaving your home.

You send me a sample of you hair and complete a Client Details form.
I have an online consultation with you on Zoom.


Using your hair sample I will assess what is going on and then email recommendations to you.

Advising you of which nutritional supplements will help and if there are any foods which could be contributing to the problem.

If there is stress contributing to your problems I then send you recommendations of other online sessions you can book to help you to overcome the stress.

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