• Kinesiology Practice Day Meet Ups for past students and Practitioners to come together BI Monthly.

    2024 Meet Up Dates and Topics

    Friday 23rd February – Emotional Work Friday 19th April – Gut Health Friday 14th June – Immune Health Friday 27th September – Childs health and learning Friday 15th November - How to decide on what to do and how to conduct your client sessions
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  • A workshop introducing you to kinesiology. You will experience kinesiology as well as watching demonstrations. You will be taught self-help tools to take away to use in your daily lives.
  • Downloadable PDFStress and Anxiety Self Help Workshop Notes by Karen ThrushPlease watch the video with the booklet diagrams to familiarise yourself with the techniques.
    • Switch Brain On
    • Cross Crawl
    • Emotional Stress Release Technique
    • Energy Balancing
    • Emotional Freedom Technique
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